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About Us

MEZT is a 2020 TU Delft spin-off researching together with TU Delft, Wageningen University & Research and industrial partners whether innovative membrane electrodialysis technology can also be used for the reduction of nitrogen in addition to making municipal and industrial water purification. - and greenhouse gas emissions in livestock farming. This makes a rapid and structural contribution to tackling the nitrogen crisis in NL.

After achieving 99% nitrogen extraction from waste water treatment, laboratory tests in the summer of 2020 also confirmed the breakthrough character of the MEZT technology for animal waste: high ammonium nitrogen extraction with low energy consumption and carbon footprint, without chemicals and without unwanted residual products. The technology is scalable for central water purification and manure processing, as well as for individual livestock farming. In agri, this enables local cycles and precision farming business models with which every livestock farmer can tailor-make 'bio-based' manure for every crop, soil and season. The nutrients nitrogen, phosphate and potassium can each be extracted separately from the manure and stored, used or sold in various forms. The disposal of manure and the purchase of fossil fertilizers are greatly reduced and on-line real-time manure accounting can be conducted. This way of working gives substance to the LNV 2030 and EU 2050 circularity visions in which the environment, animal welfare and the earnings model for the livestock farmer improve. In combination with a fuel cell that supplies green electricity, the entire installation can operate in an energy-neutral way.

MEZT is currently building modular prototypes with technology partner Lenntech for use at technologically advanced water boards and livestock farmers. The prototyping activities in 2021 will be supported by the Rabobank Innovation Fund. The first commercial product line is expected in 2022.